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Helping With Your Littles School Projects - Without Doing It For Them!

If there is one thing most parents don’t look forward to, it is homework! We thought we had escaped all of this when we finished school. Yes, we love spending time with our children, but it often results in one of two things. The first is that we feel incredibly stupid for failing to understand what our child’s homework is even about. The second is that we end up doing everything for them, which defeats the purpose. With that being said, read on to discover how you can help your child with their science project without actually doing it for them. Keep in mind the goal of the project
The first thing you need to do is consider the goal of the project. Why is your child doing this project and what are they aiming to achieve? They aren’t expected to produce something that is going to be worthy of a Nobel Prize. Projects are all about the learning and the goals at the end. By having this in mind, you can make sure that your child achieves everything that he or she is meant to from the projec…
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The Essential Guide To Giving Your Home A Boutique Hotel Suite Look

If you have been living with the same decor, furniture and colour scheme for the past decade or more, you might feel like it’s time for a change. Deciding how to configure your living areas, the sort of interior design trend you might follow, and the new furniture you might purchase could send you into a tailspin. One look that is always on trend is the boutique hotel suite look. Remember when you stayed in that swanky little boutique hotel not so long ago? The design was sleek, it felt opulent and luxurious without being too pretentious, and the furniture was super comfy. You didn’t want to leave.
If you think trying to emulate this look within your home would be too expensive, it’s time to reconsider. With the emergence of budget brands, online retailers and knowing the tricks of the trade when hunting out the deals for things, you can create your very own boutique hotel suite home without breaking the bank. It is all about creating the illusion of grandeur. Take a look at this essen…

Pregnant On Public Transport | #ExpectingChange AD

Last week I was given the incredible opportunity to appear on a Mumsnet panel, in London with some of Britain's most fabulous Mummy Bloggers for the #ExpectingChange campaign by the Mama Mio Skincare Brand. The awareness campaign was launched after a study by the brand revealed that a disheartening -

60% of Brits believe it's necessary to offer their seat on public transport to a pregnant woman. 
This shocking figure comes with a shift in attitude with people having their minds fixated on catching up on social media, becoming totally emmersed in their mobile phones that they are far less aware of the people around them. Next time you take the bus/train, make a mental note of how many people have headphones in or otherwise staring at a screen. Many people don't even talk to each other on public transport now days. It's an awful shame.

So when I was asked to partner with Mama Mio, I jumped at the chance to be involved in such an important campaign. This is something if w…

Storage Woes As Your Little Grows

Family life will always have a huge impact on your home. With the little ones being messy causing organised (or disorganised) chaos, trying to keep this place looking good feels like a constant battle, with meeting ourselves coming back it's deflating to look around to see it not looking any better than when you started. As time goes on, though, toys, clothing, and all sorts of other items will need to find a home. With your little(s) growing, they will be getting through a huge amounts of goods, leaving you with loads to throw away. To help you to avoid this, this post will be exploring some of the easiest ways to keep a hold of your little's possessions as they grow up.

The Select Few
It’s unlikely that you’ll want to keep everything your child uses throughout their life. Instead, this sort of action is for the sentimental things that take us down memory land, such as with toys your little adored once upon a time, having a huge impact on their later life. By saving just the m…

Growing A Garden Your Littles Can Be Safe In!

If this recent heatwave in the UK has taught us anything, it’s the importance of outside space when you have a family. Sure, it’s hot inside, but it’s a whole lot hotter indoors. Hence why most of us have lived outside in recent weeks.

Of course, as parents, outside time with the kids can be a fraught experience. You may worry about them wandering out of the garden, stumbling across things they shouldn’t, and generally making mischief. In fact, if you haven’t updated your garden in a while, these things may stop you from opening those backdoors. It’s certainly unlikely you’ll feel comfortable letting your kids play outside.

In truth, though, keeping the doors locked in this heat is cruel and unnecessary. To make sure you can open up and (attempt) to get a little cooler, consider these three garden upgrades.
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The confines of the garden are the first worry for most parents. You need to know your kids won’t find a way out and wander into the road. To put those worries at …

5 Simple Ways To Adapt Your Kitchen On A Budget

When you have a disability, it can make some tasks far more difficult. The average person tends to take for granted things like getting dressed, getting up and down stairs, walking to the shops or even getting out of bed in the morning. Depending on the disability you have (whether it’s mental or physical) these are things that can take a significant chunk of your day. One thing that can be particularly difficult to those who aren’t completely able- bodied or use a wheelchair to get around is using the kitchen. Of course, you can have full specialist kitchens built to a lower height which are fantastic, but not everyone is in a position to have one built. Perhaps you share a home with people who aren’t in a wheelchair, or maybe you’re renting and ripping out the kitchen isn’t an option. It could even be a case of not being able to afford one, not everyone is in a position where they can pay for a full kitchen refurb, and let's face it most things that are "Disabled-friendly&q…

Perfectly Practical Home Solutions

We all deserve a beautiful home, a place we can feel genuinely happy coming back to each day. If yours isn’t up to scratch it’s easy to write off revamping it, thinking that you don’t have the time or energy to keep it looking nice. But it’s not the case, sure - it might not always look like a show home but if you make smart choices you’ll find it easier to keep clean and tidy. Here are a few ideas.
Opt for hard floors over carpets
Carpets are nice and cosy and feel soft underfoot, but they’re far from the most practical floor covering. They’re breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria, they hold onto stains, smells and wear out much more quickly than other floor coverings. If you want something that’s going to be more practical then a hard floor such as wood, laminate, natural stone or ceramic tiles will all be a better option. These kinds of floorings are particularly good downstairs, that way you don’t have to ask guests to take their shoes off and people can live freely without w…