Why Wood Is A Good Choice For A Childs Bedroom

There is all manner of questions to ask when decorating your littles rooms. After all, personal space matters to kids as much as adults. As such, you need to consider everything from colour choices to curtains. Your little monster’s sure to let you know if they don’t approve of your choices. In fact, they could quickly start acting out if they aren’t happy with the way their room looks.

As if that weren’t enough, you also need to consider what you put down on the floor. After all, it’s no good taking all that effort to make the rest of the room look nice if you leave a worn carpet in place. But, just opting for a replacement may not do the trick either. Instead, it’s worth considering whether you should do away with carpet altogether.

Wooden flooring options like those offered by George Hill Timber, could actually be the best bet for creating a space your kids can enjoy. In fact, more parents seem to be choosing this option for children’s bedroom decor. If you aren’t convinced, keep reading to find out why wood is a good idea.

Easy to clean

Let’s be honest; easy cleaning is the best argument we have for wooden flooring in children’s rooms. This is a practical home solution which stands to make your life easier than you could imagine. In fact, most parents who take the plunge would never look back. The sad truth is that kids can get pretty messy in their bedrooms. This is, after all, their private domain. Before you know, there could be paint all over the floor, and ink splattered all over the place. It happens to the best of us. The only difference here is that you’ll be able to wipe things clean in no time. A carpet, by comparison, will keep those stains for the rest of time. When you consider that, this seems like a bit of a no-brainer.


Even if you do manage to clean the majority of stains, dust spores and bacteria can have a field day in there. The fact is, vacuuming only cleans the surface. Think of all the nastiness that’s left to roam free underneath. If your kids then get down and mess around on the carpet, it’s a recipe for unwanted illness. You can, of course, buy proper floor cleaners, but that takes time and involves strong chemicals. Those aren’t ideal for kids, either! When you have a wooden floor, you do away with this risk altogether. There are no layers underneath which allow bacteria to breed. All you need to do is mop with soapy water each day to ensure maximum hygiene levels. That way, you can keep your kids safe without even pulling the nasty chemical stuff. What could be better?

Keeping things clutter-free

Any parent knows that a kid’s room can get messy and cluttered in no time at all. No sooner have you cleaned the place than one play session undoes your excellent work. It’s frustrating and can ruin a clean house. Admittedly, wooden floors aren’t a magic solution here. The mess will still happen. But, wooden floors make rooms look bigger. As such, even a few toys here or there may not make things look like cluttered chaos. You’ll undoubtedly find that the room takes longer to reach the mayhem levels of its carpet days. And, that’s got to be a good thing if nothing else.


Lastly, a less aesthetic and more practical pointer. Wooden floors are fantastic for creating an echo effect in any room. Anyone who’s stood in an empty wooden-floored room can testify to that. By comparison, carpet dulls sounds and ensures they don’t travel far. So, what’s the benefit where your kids are involved? The chance to keep an eye on things, of course. Wooden floor ensures any arguments between siblings will find you anywhere in the house. This is fantastic news, as it allows you to get on with whatever needs doing and still keep your mind at ease. Aside from being helpful for snooping, this is also valuable on a safety level. If a child suffered a nasty fall on a carpet, there would be little warning for those downstairs. A fall on wooden flooring, however, is sure to resound around the whole house. There is, of course, the risk of further injury from hard flooring, but rugs can ease that worry no end. All in, we think you’ll agree that wood really does work well.

Creating More Space In The Family Home

A modern spacious living room with visible open staircase
If there is one thing that a lot of properties do not have today, it is space. However, you do not need to move to a new home in order to benefit from the luxury of more space. In fact, there are a number of changes and improvements you can make to your current property in order to benefit from a greater amount of space or at least the illusion of it. With that being said, read on to discover the different steps that you should take in order to create more space in your home.

Deal with the clutter

There is only one place to begin, and this is by getting rid of the clutter. You need to go through every room in your property and get rid of the things that you no longer need. If something does not have a place, it needs to go. You need to be brutal in order for this to be effective. Of course, do not simply chuck everything in the bin. You need to think about the planet. Donating is a good option. If you cannot bring yourself to get rid of certain things, you should consider the likes of Magenta storage. Once you have gotten rid of all of the clutter, operate the one in, one out rule. This means whenever you buy something new, you need to get rid of something else to accommodate it.

Let there be light

Light makes a massive difference when it comes to creating the illusion of space in any property. If your home currently feels dark and dingy, then it is of little surprise that it feels small too. There are many different ways that you can bring more light into your property. Of course, installing bigger windows and skylights would be the most effective approach, but not everyone has the money to do this or wants the upheaval. So, it is all about being clever with your rooms, choosing reflective surfaces and placing them in prime positions. Placing a mirror opposite a window will help light to bounce into any room, opening up the space and making it appear bigger.

Choose multi-purpose furniture

The third and final tip is to make the most of multi-purpose furniture. Nowadays, there are so many space-saving products and furniture pieces on the market. By investing in such items, you will have something with a dual purpose, meaning you get twice the value while taking up half the space. Divan beds are the most obvious example of this, providing exceptional storage capabilities.

As you can see, there are a number of different things that you can do in order to make your property more spacious. If you follow the advice and suggestions that have been presented above, you will be surprised by just how much of a difference they can have on your property, making it look and feel bigger than ever before.

Fun Ways to Make The Most of the UK This Summer

Travel is never a bad idea- it’s fun, it broadens your horizons and you get to make memories that last a lifetime. But jetting off abroad isn’t always an option, whether it’s a financial issue or a practical one, there are lots of reasons you might not be able to holiday in a foreign country each year. However that doesn’t mean you need to give up the idea of travel altogether; us Brits have a beautiful country full of exciting cities, towns and villages. We have mountains, beaches, caves, lagoons and forests. There’s so much for us to see and do that’s practically on our doorstep- why not make the most of it? Here are some of the ways you can enjoy the UK this summer.

Go on a Road Trip

Hitting the open road and going for a long drive with your best pals can be an incredible experience. Road trips are often associated with American adventures, but there are some fantastic routes you can take in the UK. From Scotland’s ‘North Coast 500’ to beautiful circuits through Yorkshire’s picturesque villages and countryside. You could take the ‘Dorset to Cornwall’ route, stopping off at Weymouth’s beautiful beach. There are lots of self catering cottages and other kinds of accomodation nearby if you wanted to stretch out the road trip over a few days and turn it into a full on break away. Another option to consider would be renting a campervan, that way you have your vehicle and accomodation in one.

Go Camping

Camping is what summer is all about- time spent outdoors hiking, fishing, orienteering and eating alfresco. When the long warm evening draws in, you can sleep under the stars or in a tent. If you want more of a ‘home from home’ you could choose a caravan or chalet. Lots of places now offer ‘glamping’- this is particularly popular with groups of girls who want to enjoy some outdoor time with friends but still want their creature comforts such as electricity and running water! Going camping is a great way to take in some of the scenery that the UK has to offer, bring your binoculars for birdwatching and a camera to snap some of the stunning picturesque views you’re bound to see. Camping is cheap and cheerful and is something all the family can enjoy.

Be a Tourist in Your Home Town

Growing up in a place can cause you to lose appreciation for it. Often it can feel like you’ve seen it all before and it’s a little boring, however that shouldn’t be the case. Every place in the world has something of interest, why not discover what’s right under your feet? Visit the museums and galleries that explain about your town’s history. Go on guided walks to learn more. Visit cafes, restaurants and bars that you’ve never been to, or not been to in years. Discover woods, meadows and forests that you perhaps used to explore as a child but haven’t been to in years. See your town with fresh eyes, appreciate where you came from and enjoy it. Work out why tourists come to your town and go and do the things they would do. To make it more of an actual break, you could stay in a hotel.

Kitchen Renovations On A Shoestring Budget

The old adage that kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that sell houses has never been more true. With the kitchen becoming the heart of the home and the appetite for open plan dining kitchens becoming ever more pronounced, you might want to invest some of your hard earned cash in renovating your culinary haven. Even if you aren’t planning on selling up anytime soon, you might utilise your kitchen area to cook up your latest gastronomic delights, and your cabinetry and appliances may need updating. Take a look at how you can revolutionise the look of your kitchen even if you are on a shoestring budget.


The major sight within a kitchen is the units and cabinets that adorn the perimeter of your room. You may have a shaker style set of cabinets, an eclectic mix of wood and metal or a simple rustic country style kitchen. You may hanker after a more modern high gloss look, a new worktop or a whole new reconfiguration. If your budget is particularly tight, you may be wise sourcing new cabinet doors especially if the integral structure of your cabinets are sound. For a small outlay, you could purchase new doors, new handles and even new drawer runners at a fraction of the cost of a whole new kitchen.

If your cabinets and doors don’t need updating, you could give your room a facelift by changing the worktop. Swap the high maintenance wooden worktop that forever needs oiling for a granite or engineered alternative. You could source ex-display examples to save money and fit it yourself to save on professional fees.


If you have had a lino flooring or bog standard laminate in the past, you might be after a classier look. Reclaimed tiles can be a cost effective alternative and give you a more hardwearing floor. If you are seeking to save money and lay the tiles yourself, make sure that you seek out reputable tile trim suppliers so you can achieve the highest quality finish for your flooring. Use the correct grouting and use your trusty friend Google to watch some ‘how to’ clips.

You might opt for large grey slate tiles, some red Victorian Minton tiles or even some highly patterned Moroccan inspired terracotta. Ensure that they marry well with your cabinets and worktop and you could end up with a whole new look for your kitchen for a minimal outlay.


An old rusty electric hob is not the most energy efficient appliance nor is it the easiest to cook on. Instead, see if you can stretch your budget to opt for an induction hob. For your white goods, seek out offers online, wait until the sales come around or look for ex-display ‘take home today’ examples. A reconditioned designer appliance can be half the price of a brand new model.

Just because money is tight doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a brand new look for your culinary boudoir. Use these ideas to inspire your next kitchen makeover.

Favourites Of An Ambitious Turtle - July 2018

Photo of me wait straight shoulder length brown hair, light make up, wearing a white patterned dress ready to head to Parliament. View of the city of London behind the blog post title

July has been by far my busiest month of the year! With two trips to London, meeting online friends, the 3 month long British heatwave of 2018 continuing on throughout July, now into August and the littles now broken up for the 6 weeks holidays. It's been pretty non stop! Without further adu here's my July's favourites round-up...


I went shopping on the website everything5pounds.co.uk for this first time early July as I had no semi-formal wear that we were required to wear to the Trailblazers At 10 event which took place in Parliament (you can read more about that a bit further down). Still working on body confidence issues since my youngest was born 2 years ago, I still feel self-concious showing alot of skin, particular my upper arms. So I chose this lightly patterned off-white dress with short sleeves that was a skater dress fit. The beauty of skater dresses is that the waist is a few inches below the boob area, instead of just above the hips, which is always a self-concious area post-partum. So it's really good at flowing past the tummy area, hiding any insecurities and looks very elegant! See the thumbnail image of this post for a glimpse of the dress, unfortunately the event kept me so busy I forget to get a full body photo, so you'll just have to trust my judgement on this one fellow Mamas! I chose to pair this dress with some sheer tights to keep my legs warm (as I suffer from corpse legs - a term invented by my #MDBloggersCrew girl Carrie Aimes of 'Life On The Slow Lane'!) and some dark grey suede feel flats with a twist in the fabric of the top of the foot for a little more style - also from everything5pounds.co.uk . Overall I highly rate my purchases from this site and feel I could wear this dress to other functions, even dressing it down for a casual social event, which is exactly what you want from a dress. No use buying something you'll only wear once, total waste of money otherwise!


Superdrug ownbrand Tea Tree product range on a table.Including face masks, toner, moisturiser, facial scrub, nose pore strips, spot stick and exfoliator scrub

After being a big fan of the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel skincare range for about 2yrs, I decided that the gel like consistancy of the moisturisers and such weren't great for me as a NIV user (Non-invasive ventilation). I needed a brand that still had Tea Tree in it but with a moisturiser that soaked up quickly on your skin. To my delight I found such a thing exists in Superdrug! I took advantage of there Buy 1 get the 2nd 1/2 price offer on their own brand Tea Tree range and I've got to say I'm absolutely loving it! The exfloliation pads are much more saturated, with thicker, more textured, overall higher quality pads that I noticed pretty much straight away by combination dry skin wasn't getting patchy anymore. Also their Tea Tree daily moisturiser is cream based, NOT gel which is exactly what I was looking for. Within 10 minutes of applying, it soaks deep within your skin to give you a clean and smooth complextion without feeling oily. Touch wood I haven't had nearly as much trouble with my ventilator mask at night causing sores since I switched facial moisturisers.

My Journey Adjusting to NIV: 5 Years to Acceptance


As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, July has been absolutely crazy busy. I was in London twice in the space of a fornight, 1st to appear on my first LIVE panel along side some pretty fabulous Mummy bloggers (see my blog; 'Pregnanr On Public Transport | #ExpectingChange Campaign') and the 2nd I proudly appeared in Parliament with over 40 Trailblazers from the charity Muscular Dystrophy UK, whom I've dedicated the past 6 years campaigning for access and inclusion with, to celebrate Trailblazers at 10 Years Celebration! Although gallavanting down south twice in such a short space of time has really tired me out, I am really delighted to have been part of both events and so glad I had the opportunity to participate. Here's to future Mummy blogging opportunties and the next 10 years of campaigning with such an awesome team of young disabled people!

Photo during the celebratory event as Trailblazers Manager, Lauren West takes the mic infront of 40 attending Trailblazers in Speakers House, House of Commons to summarise the last 10 years of campaigning for disability rights and access for young persons with disabilities across the UK. Photo shows Lauren, in her powerchair wearing a smart black dress, blonde hair in a bob, surrounded by many wheelchair users whom are Trailblazers, some Trailblazers can be seen using ventilators due to their muscle-wasting conditions
Photo Credit: @MD_Trailblazers twitter account


This is such a hard one! I've spent a good half hour thinking about this before answering. Despite how many amazing opportunties and adventures me and my family have been apart of this month, if I had to choose, I'd narrow it down to THREE moments that trumpted all.

1. Getting a personal Shout Out by Lauren West - Trailblazers Manager during the Trailblazers At 10 celebratory event in Speakers House during her speech. Recognising my efforts with the Changing Places Campaign, particularly as I went LIVE on Facebook (jump to the blog: 'Why I was #FitToBurst *LIVE* On FaceBook') in a public post documenting my family outting where I couldn't find a single Changing Places toilet and had to go home as a result.
2. Reading my eldest daughters End Of Year Report, finding out she's excelling in 3 major areas despite how worried I was about sending her to mainstream school with her visual impairment.
3. Appearing on ITV Granada Reports to share my story on why I'm on the waiting list for what is deemed as 'medically unnecessary surgery' to have a catheter surgically fitted in my abdomen, purely through lack of fully accessible toilets. This was a HUGE moment in my campaign work specifically on Changing Places. See here:

And that's a wrap for another month of favourites. I hope you all have been making some wonderful memories and enjoying our heatwave (as much as realistically possible anyway!) and I'll see you in next months installment. Take care everyone!


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