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We all deserve a beautiful home, a place we can feel genuinely happy coming back to each day. If yours isn’t up to scratch it’s easy to write off revamping it, thinking that you don’t have the time or energy to keep it looking nice. But it’s not the case, sure - it might not always look like a show home but if you make smart choices you’ll find it easier to keep clean and tidy. Here are a few ideas.

Opt for hard floors over carpets

Carpets are nice and cosy and feel soft underfoot, but they’re far from the most practical floor covering. They’re breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria, they hold onto stains, smells and wear out much more quickly than other floor coverings. If you want something that’s going to be more practical then a hard floor such as wood, laminate, natural stone or ceramic tiles will all be a better option. These kinds of floorings are particularly good downstairs, that way you don’t have to ask guests to take their shoes off and people can live freely without worrying about damaging the carpet. You can quite easily mop muddy footprints, spills and everything else without any lasting damage. You have the option of laying rugs to keep the place feeling more cosy, if these get ruined or wear out they’re far cheaper to replace than a whole carpet.

Go with a leather sofa

There’s no doubt that leather sofas are more durable and hardwearing than their fabric counterparts. They can be wiped down if any spills are made, and as long as you go with a good quality leather then it will be incredibly hard wearing and stan the test of time. Choose a style that’s timeless rather than trendy, that way it will last you for years to come without looking outdated. Something like a black Chesterfield sofa for example will always look stunning, it will go with any decor changes over the years and match with any colour or style that you have in your home. While there’s still care involved with a leather sofa, it won’t hold onto things like pet smells like a fabric one and is will generally last you a lot longer.

[IMAGE: Brown leather 3 seater sofa in a modern white living room]

Find the right storage systems

One thing that will have your home looking messy and cluttered is having things that don’t have a proper place. Without the right storage systems, it’s easy to use an item and either leave it lying around or cram it in a drawer or cupboard which starts to overflow and cause chaos. Have good storage systems everywhere in your home to help avoid this. A cupboard downstairs could be fitted with shoe racks and hooks and be used as a mini cloakroom. A boiler cupboard in the kitchen could be kitted out with shelves and turned into a pantry. You could use a storage footstool or ottoman to store things like blankets or inconspicuously store kids toys in the living room. When everything has a place, it’s far easier to keep things tidy and avoid clutter accumulating around the home.

If there was one bit of advice you could give someone looking towards more of a minimalist lifestyle to keep the home low maintenance, what would it be? Comment below 👇

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  1. These are great tips! I'm always looking for ways to make my cleaning easier. I do want to point out that leather does require care, but you're right it's probably easier than other choices!