The Essential Guide To Giving Your Home A Boutique Hotel Suite Look

If you have been living with the same decor, furniture and colour scheme for the past decade or more, you might feel like it’s time for a change. Deciding how to configure your living areas, the sort of interior design trend you might follow, and the new furniture you might purchase could send you into a tailspin. One look that is always on trend is the boutique hotel suite look. Remember when you stayed in that swanky little boutique hotel not so long ago? The design was sleek, it felt opulent and luxurious without being too pretentious, and the furniture was super comfy. You didn’t want to leave.

If you think trying to emulate this look within your home would be too expensive, it’s time to reconsider. With the emergence of budget brands, online retailers and knowing the tricks of the trade when hunting out the deals for things, you can create your very own boutique hotel suite home without breaking the bank. It is all about creating the illusion of grandeur. Take a look at this essential guide to giving your humble abode a makeover and transforming it into something chic, classy and boutique.

The Bedroom

The major facet of any hotel room is the bedroom. While having a sofa is a bonus, and you love the expense of the double shower in the bathroom, it really is all about the bed. For a boutique hotel room look, you need to take your time choosing the bed frame and mattress you require. Head to your local showroom and try out any bed and mattress that you are tempted to buy. Spend a good ten minutes lying in the foetal position, on your back and even on your stomach if this is the most comfortable way to catch your z’s.

It pays to spend a bit of extra cash on your bed. A solidly built bed should last you a couple of decades or more, and those that have confidence in their craftsmanship will offer you a long guarantee of up to twenty five years. If you’re tempted to go big and have the space for it, a king size is the ultimate luxury. You may wish to try out metal frames or traditional wooden options. Go for darker hues as the lighter pine can look cheap and can be softer than the teak alternatives. To have as much money as possible don’t discount looking at ex-display models or those beds that are the final ones available within a range. You could pick up a bargain.

The Bathroom

The second most important area of any boutique hotel room is the bathroom. Sometimes they are the size of a postage stamp yet they can still feel high quality, expensive and luxurious. Forget the wallpaper, and opt for a fully tiled look. The high gloss finish is clean and crisp. Whip up a mirror or two and allow the natural light from your window to bounce across the room. Don’t be tempted by harsh yellow lighting and instead install spotlights into the ceiling. These are inconspicuous and help make your bathroom ceiling height appear taller.

If you love a soak in the tub, consider the ultimate freestanding roll top variety. Ensure that you acquire those all-important personalised bathrobes synonymous with boutique hotels for when you eventually make your way out of your bubble filled sanctuary. You want your bathroom to become a haven of relaxation in the same way as a boutique hotel room. Get some fragrant candles, some massage oils, dim the lights and enjoy some chill out time while listening to your favourite calming tunes.

The Living Room

Many boutique hotel rooms come complete with a suite. A reclining sofa, a modern fireplace and white walls can lift any living space. Ensure that you don’t clutter up your dwelling and focus on the sorts of fabrics and soft furnishings that will bring a range of different textures to your space. Silks, wools and chenille can bring a range of tactile materials into your home leading to a cheaper way of creating an opulent and chic style.

Always ensure that if you have carpet that it has a thick underlay underneath, so there is a reassuring bounciness underfoot. If you fancy laminate, go for the oak floorboard look rather than the bog standard shiny MDF. Or you could forego the laminate altogether and shine up your original floorboards if you have them.

With a little thought, you can create the perfect boutique hotel room look for your entire home.

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