Why Wood Is A Good Choice For A Childs Bedroom

There is all manner of questions to ask when decorating your littles rooms. After all, personal space matters to kids as much as adults. As such, you need to consider everything from colour choices to curtains. Your little monster’s sure to let you know if they don’t approve of your choices. In fact, they could quickly start acting out if they aren’t happy with the way their room looks.

As if that weren’t enough, you also need to consider what you put down on the floor. After all, it’s no good taking all that effort to make the rest of the room look nice if you leave a worn carpet in place. But, just opting for a replacement may not do the trick either. Instead, it’s worth considering whether you should do away with carpet altogether.

Wooden flooring options like those offered by George Hill Timber, could actually be the best bet for creating a space your kids can enjoy. In fact, more parents seem to be choosing this option for children’s bedroom decor. If you aren’t convinced, keep reading to find out why wood is a good idea.

Easy to clean

Let’s be honest; easy cleaning is the best argument we have for wooden flooring in children’s rooms. This is a practical home solution which stands to make your life easier than you could imagine. In fact, most parents who take the plunge would never look back. The sad truth is that kids can get pretty messy in their bedrooms. This is, after all, their private domain. Before you know, there could be paint all over the floor, and ink splattered all over the place. It happens to the best of us. The only difference here is that you’ll be able to wipe things clean in no time. A carpet, by comparison, will keep those stains for the rest of time. When you consider that, this seems like a bit of a no-brainer.


Even if you do manage to clean the majority of stains, dust spores and bacteria can have a field day in there. The fact is, vacuuming only cleans the surface. Think of all the nastiness that’s left to roam free underneath. If your kids then get down and mess around on the carpet, it’s a recipe for unwanted illness. You can, of course, buy proper floor cleaners, but that takes time and involves strong chemicals. Those aren’t ideal for kids, either! When you have a wooden floor, you do away with this risk altogether. There are no layers underneath which allow bacteria to breed. All you need to do is mop with soapy water each day to ensure maximum hygiene levels. That way, you can keep your kids safe without even pulling the nasty chemical stuff. What could be better?

Keeping things clutter-free

Any parent knows that a kid’s room can get messy and cluttered in no time at all. No sooner have you cleaned the place than one play session undoes your excellent work. It’s frustrating and can ruin a clean house. Admittedly, wooden floors aren’t a magic solution here. The mess will still happen. But, wooden floors make rooms look bigger. As such, even a few toys here or there may not make things look like cluttered chaos. You’ll undoubtedly find that the room takes longer to reach the mayhem levels of its carpet days. And, that’s got to be a good thing if nothing else.


Lastly, a less aesthetic and more practical pointer. Wooden floors are fantastic for creating an echo effect in any room. Anyone who’s stood in an empty wooden-floored room can testify to that. By comparison, carpet dulls sounds and ensures they don’t travel far. So, what’s the benefit where your kids are involved? The chance to keep an eye on things, of course. Wooden floor ensures any arguments between siblings will find you anywhere in the house. This is fantastic news, as it allows you to get on with whatever needs doing and still keep your mind at ease. Aside from being helpful for snooping, this is also valuable on a safety level. If a child suffered a nasty fall on a carpet, there would be little warning for those downstairs. A fall on wooden flooring, however, is sure to resound around the whole house. There is, of course, the risk of further injury from hard flooring, but rugs can ease that worry no end. All in, we think you’ll agree that wood really does work well.