Growing A Garden Your Littles Can Be Safe In!

If this recent heatwave in the UK has taught us anything, it’s the importance of outside space when you have a family. Sure, it’s hot inside, but it’s a whole lot hotter indoors. Hence why most of us have lived outside in recent weeks.

Of course, as parents, outside time with the kids can be a fraught experience. You may worry about them wandering out of the garden, stumbling across things they shouldn’t, and generally making mischief. In fact, if you haven’t updated your garden in a while, these things may stop you from opening those backdoors. It’s certainly unlikely you’ll feel comfortable letting your kids play outside.

In truth, though, keeping the doors locked in this heat is cruel and unnecessary. To make sure you can open up and (attempt) to get a little cooler, consider these three garden upgrades.


The confines of the garden are the first worry for most parents. You need to know your kids won’t find a way out and wander into the road. To put those worries at ease, consider upgrading your fence. It may be that you can merely replace broken panels and secure your garden that way. In extreme circumstances, you might even need a complete replacement. There’s no denying this could get pricey, but this heat is set to continue. So, don’t hesitate to at least get someone in to give you a quote. The chances are that it’ll be a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

Oil tank

If you live in a property with an oil tank, this should also be an area of concern. Unlike your fence, your oil tank in itself can cause harm to your kids. A leak here could pose huge health concerns, right in your back garden. If little hands find their way into patches of oil, they open themselves up to a whole load of health risks. To make sure it doesn’t happen, check the condition of your tank. If it’s older than ten or fifteen years, you should look into replacement oil storage tanks as soon as you can. Even if you don’t think your tank should need replacing, make sure to check here often. The moment a crack or leak occurs, your kids are at risk.


Your garden shed will house a whole load of dangerous tools. From saws to pitchforks, it’s likely all in here. As such, the last thing you want is your kids gaining access. Yet, an old shed probably has holes galore, and your children will be able to fit through many of them. Plus, we all know how curious kids can be. This is a forbidden area, so they’re sure to use any in-point. To make sure it doesn’t happen, you should upgrade as soon as holes start to appear. Place temporary blocks in the way for the time being, and start searching for a more sturdy structure. Only then will you be able to open the patio doors without worry.