Kitchen Updates On A Budget

Updating and renovating a whole kitchen space can easily be an expensive and time-consuming process, which is why many people end up neglected their kitchen interior. And, nobody wants a tired and shabby space to cook on Taco Tuesday (or whenever and whatever it is they prefer). However, there are some things you can do to your kitchen, if you’re on a budget, that will update and refresh the room, and give it a new lease of life. If you’re depressed by the overall look of your cooking space, then check out the following ideas and tips to gain some thrifty design inspiration.

Switch Up Those Fixtures

By simply updating specific areas of your kitchen environment, you’ll save money by not gutted the whole place and starting again; you’ll also be able to create a considered interior space, that will look great. Your sink and taps are key places that can look dated and a bit grim, so updating them will lift your kitchen counter space immediately. You don’t need to spend money on ridiculously overpriced basins and faucets in order for your kitchen to look chic either. Check out reclamation yards for some vintage steals and grab a bargain, then rope in some help to fit your upgraded sink and taps. Unless you’re a qualified plumber, it’s best contacted someone like Mr. Rooter Plumbing and ensuring everything is fitted correctly (and there’ll be no latenight leaks or burst pipes).

Freshen Up Those Walls

When the thought of re-tiling a kitchen fills you will dread, or if it’s simply not a feasible option for you, there are a few things you can do to achieve an updated interior space. A fresh coat of paint on the walls will go a long way and can lighten and brighten the environment. Think about using clean neutral, or white, hues, which will open up space and breathe new life into a tired wall. A light backdrop will also allow you to add accessories and artwork of any colour or design, making it a versatile choice for your kitchen. If your tiles and grout have seen better days, then giving them a thorough scrub might be just what they need. Get your bicarbonate of soda, scrubbing brush, and your marigolds out, and see how much grime you can lift, to achieve a shiny new appearance. If the colour, or pattern, of your tiles, is on the bad side of “70s retro”, there are paints you can use to cover up any orange and brown floral designs. By investing a little more time in painting and cleaning your wall surfaces, you save a substantial amount of money on the cost of new tiles and having them fitted.

Put Up Those Lovely Items

Adding some shelves to your kitchen wall is a great way to give the space a design feature and plenty of character. You can find cheap shelving in a variety of places, or even better, create your own. All you need is a saw, some sandpaper, and some shelf brackets, and voila; a shiny new row of shelves to pop your wares on top of. Displaying cookbooks, glassware, dinnerware, and ornaments in your kitchen, will bring it to life with your personality and memories.