10 Timeless Family Autumn Activities

And just like that the 4 month long freak British heatwave is over and we're plummeted head first into a very brisk but welcome Autumn season!

1. Nature Walks Through The Park

There's nothing quite like an nature walk. With the tell-tale smell of damp earthy leaves that crunch beneath your feet (or wheels) and the windy rustle of the swaying trees overhead. Digging your hat and gloves out after many months, wrapping your littles up and heading out for a stroll in your local park. Although country parks have more to offer, your local park is just as good. Take it slow, pointing out all the things that have transformed with the changing season. There's lots of fun to be had in a woodland area with little ones, set up your own scavenger hunts, play hide and seek or tig, let them get messy and run off energy until their cheeks are rosey!

(for 3-5 year old nature detectives!) 🕵️ 

2. Leaf Picking

Image of the ground covered in assorted colours and shapes of foliage

A simple, yet classic activity. The beautiful thing about Autumn is there's never 2 leaves the same. Young children have lots of fun carrying around a bag and picking up leaves of all colours, shapes, sizes and textures to use later to get crafty with!

3. Rock Painting, Hiding & Finding

A variety of painted rocks by my friend Laura Rutherford. Amongst the designs are a 'Refuse to Sink' themed one with a little anchor, a sunshine, Finding Nemo one which quotes 'Just Keep Swimming,' seaside, batman symbol, Changing Places Campaign Awareness that features the painted logo quoting 'Changing Places Changes Lives,' and a motivational large jagged rock that is designed into a mountain quoting 'You can move mountains.'
Photo Credit: Laura Rutherford www.brodymeandggd.com

A trend that made its way across the pond from the U.S that doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon is Rock painting and hiding. All you need is; some rocks/stones/pebbles, acrylic paint and a variety of permanent pens to get in on this. Children and adults alike are only limited by their imaginations on what designs you can come up with, some write inspirational quotes to bring a smile to their seekers faces and others do awareness rocks such as this Changing Places Campaign inspired rock by my campaign buddy Laura (SEND Blogger 'Brody, Me and GGD'). The beauty of this is you can doodle anything and once you're happy with them, hide them in the woods, riverbanks, parks - wherever for others to either collect or hide in a new place...

Need some design ideas? Why not visit one of the biggest Rock painting Facebook groups going - 

4. Pinecone Collecting

Photo Credit: @muminthemadhouse Pinterest
You can do so many Christmas crafts with pine cones it's crazy! Check out this Pinterest board for some Pinecone inspiration and you'll be wanting to get your littles to pick up as many pinecones as possible. If you're arts and crafts crazy like this mama and her littles are anyway 😂! 

5. Conker Fun

Did you know that the first game of Conkers was documented as far back as 1848 on the Isle of Wight? This old school game of horse chestnuts is as traditional as you can get and originated in Ireland, UK. Though many young children in modern day Britain collect Conkers and make up their own games, you can find out how to play the original game (involving a string and screwdriver) on YouTube.

Disclaimer: PLEASE be mindful the traditional game of Conkers requires adult supervision, as horse chestnuts are very hard and when swung hard during play can accidently cause injury. This is more a game for older children!

6. Pumpkin Picking At Your Local Farm

Smithills Farm, (our local farm here in Bolton) started advertising its pumpkin picking sessions in mid August! Yep it's not just Christmas that arrives earlier every year... It does make for a nice, authenic family day out and great for taking some Autumn family photos, plus they always tie it in with other Halloween activities such as a ghost train, apple bobbing and the children's costume party. Reasonably priced too. Check out this link for their latest deals 👇

7. Leaf Pressing

Photo of a dining table with pressed leaves in the process of being pressed with wax paper

There are several ways of doing leaf/flower pressings, most iconic is the beneath many a heavy book method. Pressing can be a form of scrapbooking Autumn themed momentos, 'Real' works of art for the wall featuring real leaves or even making things like mobiles and home decor that'll last for months! So many options to keep the littles interested and discussing the wonders of the Autumn season.

8. Board Games

As Britain returns to its usual dreary weather, sadly our littles are forced to stay indoors more so than our sanity can handle! When they can't go out and play, and they're moaning they're bored, reach for the Board games! Not only does the child of this generation have far more variety than the Monopoly, Buckaroo and Hungry Hippo classics but it brings the whole family together in a healthy, competitive fashion. Plus it practices sharing! Win-win...

9. Creating An Autumn Sensory Bin

Photo of the inside contents of a mixed autumn themed sensory bin. Including seeds, miniature pumpkins, twigs, leaves, acorns, pinecones and 2 spy glasses to take a closer look with friends
Photo Credit: www.stayathomeeducator.com

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know I love creating new sensory experiences for my eldest Abbie who is visually impaired. One of her upmost favourite sensory activities is seasonal sensory bins! There's so many angles you can go for with Autumn Sensory Bins,' such as by colour, favourite or 'comforting' textures, autumn scents, or mix up all things that scream Autumn to you and let your littles discover and explore everything about this magical season in one place! Sensory bins are definitely an inclusive to all activity.

10. Making Hand/Thumb Print Trees

Image of a child's painting of a tree. The trunk is the child's hand and forearm, the autumn coloured leaves are made up with near 100 finger prints

This last one is SUPER simple, be great to create as a keepsake even with small babies (just make sure you're using non-toxic paint to be safe) and they make great gifts for family members or just to have on display in your home.

That brings me to the end of this post, I hope it's given you some Autumn inspiration to try with your littles. If you do have a go at anything mentioned above, why not share in the Comments?

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