Your Home, Your Safe Place

Us parents make it our #1 priority to bring up our littles in a happy and safe environment in which they can thrive in. If you’re looking for perfectly practical home solutions, you have already got them all sussed out. What you might not realise, is that there are a handful of things in your home that you might have over-looked. Whether your cooker is leaking gas or your cleaning products are harmful if accidently ingested, now is the time to check out all of these finer details, as prevention is always key.
Registered Repairs
If you are unsure about the safety of any of your electrical items or gas cookers then you need to get them checked out by a professional straight away. When a gas leak is undetected it can have dangerous consequences to you and your family. Research gas safe engineers in your area and only allow them to undertake any work in your home involving gas. If you have any doubts you can double check that they are on the gas safe register to prove their legitimacy.
Gloriously Green
Going greener at home is another great way to keep your little family safe and healthy. Without knowing you might be using products that are unsafe and toxic to the environment. If you want to make your home as clean and non-toxic as possible then you might want to consider making your own cleaning products. You can find a tonne of useful ingredients in your own pantry; lemon juice, white wine vinegar and baking soda are some of the best natural products that will clean your surfaces, drains and stainless steel in the kitchen and bathroom. Living a cleaner and greener life is about making small, gradual changes to the products you are using in and around the house.

Baby Proofing
When your babies become toddlers your house becomes a huge hazard if you aren’t already prepared with the right baby proofing measures. Make sure you’ve got a child proofing checklist close to hand and leave no stone unturned; you would be surprised at how much your determined little tyke can get into even if they’re only one year old! Stair gates are the most important instalment you will need, as they will keep your youngster safe from hazardous trips and falls. Secure any low kitchen and bathroom cupboards too, not forgetting the fridge and freezer. Leave a ‘safe’ cupboard unlocked that your little one can explore freely. This could contain their plastic bowls, plates and cups for meal times, so they feel some sense of independence.
Windows and Doors
Keeping your windows and doors locked and secure is very important for your entire family. Keep your keys safe too, so that the little ones can’t let themselves out of their own free will.
Keeping your family safe if your number one priority, so make sure you have explored all of these options; will this information you can live a carefree, safe and healthy life within your home.