Ideas to Retro-fy your Home

In order to achieve more with your home decorating and designing, you often have to look to the past. There are so many great ideas from the history of interior design that you can embrace and steal from. Simply making a few key changes to your space will genuinely have a massive impact on your home. We’ve some some retro ideas and additions that you should definitely consider, so scroll down to find out more about them.

Do Something With Pastel Colours

Pastel colours are great if you’re going for a 20th century style because these were used a lot in the 50s and 60s. It’s a particular good idea to employ pastel colours in your kitchen. This is where you can do lots of new and interesting things with the design and try to combine the new with the retro; that should always be the aim.

Add Some Mid Century Modern Pieces to Your Living Room

Sticking with the mid century theme, you should look for pieces from this style and era that can work really well in your living room. A mid century dining table or a sofa can really stand out and become the focal point for your entire living room. Some of these items can be costly, but it’s possible to pick up bargains online if you’re vigilant and keep searching.

Find a Vintage Light Fixture

A vintage light fixture can add something completely new and interesting to a room. It becomes a feature item hanging from the wall rather than just another light that everyone has seen a million times before. Vintage Lighting comes in all styles and variations, so you should explore and see what you can find. Make sure that it feels in keeping with the rest of the decor in the room.

Embrace Retro Audio

Retro audio is another thing that you should look to add to your home. Retro speakers simply look so much cooler than the modern ones. And if you can combine these with an old record player, the home will look, feel and sound so much cooler. It’s definitely something to consider if you’re a music lover too. Records and record players are rising in popularity once again, so jump on board today.

Use Classic Black and White Floor Tiles in the Kitchen

The kitchen flooring can be spruced up and made interesting by this retro classic idea. Black and white checkered floor tiles always look great because they never lose that old style and charm that people love. It’s easy enough to find tiles like these and you can have them fitted by a professional if you don’t know how to. Regardless, the finished outcome will be stunning.

The retro style your redesigned home offers will immediately draw attention whenever someone steps through your door. It’ll not only look great but also hold that timeless style that so many homeowners want to achieve. So if you want to make the most of your home, maybe you should go retro.